Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ganga on a Mission!

Ahh, it's been awhile since I last blogged up on here! But I knew I just couldn't write my latest blog without spilling some beans....the most exciting news I've had in the last few months...  so 'Keep up with me as I lose control'....I have a temporary job at MAC Cosmetics ( gets better..) at the most exclusive and prestigious store in the whole of UK.. Harrods!! Yes, baby, YES! I will be there part-time for 3 months so I can still work freelance on my days off!

The new line of products for Christmas will be coming out soon, so can't wait to see them! Also looking forward to the Christmas parade, which is Peter Pan theme!! I'm still a kid at heart so will be just as excited to see that!

Also, I've had some people via facebook asking me questions regarding skincare and diet, so I'll get the questions together and give my advice on what I recommend.

So until then, I must love you and leave you.. Ganga B x

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