Sunday, 15 May 2011

Club Scene - Rishi Maman

This is out to you brown, and brown-wannabe, bloggers!! Here's the final video for Rishi Maman's debut single, Club Scene, for which I did the Airbrush make-up and hair styling for. It's super catchy, and a great fusion between Eastern and Western culture. It's available to download now at:
It's definitely getting added to my Ipod because firstly, the most memorable line 'So I proceed to let my swagger flow...' is on loop in my head, and the fact that my vocal tunes have been destroyed since I was pushed out of my mother's uterus, for the sake of my familys' ears I'll be able to stop singing it around the house.
Secondly, it's quite shameful having only 32 out of 4169 songs on my Ipod that are by Asian artists. Maybe it's time to up my brownness..?? Not including the lingo because that shizzle isn't happening, I couldn't learn when I was six, and I am not planning to learn it solution..say it in English with an Indian accent..can't go wrong really!

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