Monday, 30 May 2011

Rebecca Ferguson - X-factor runner-up

5.27 p.m., Tuesday 24th May 2011, sitting replying to the mass of emails awaiting my response. My phone rings..I stare for a couple of seconds enjoying the MJ P.Y.T. ringtone. Unrecognised number. Potential client. Got to put my 'work voice' on.

It's a girl wanting make-up for a last minute show at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in Birmingham. She's coming up from London and is in desperate need of a mua. Hmmm, I have nothing else on, okie doke I'm on it! All emails are at a halt.

Now the Scouse accent and the fact that her name was Rebecca had not clicked in my brain as to who it is. As I packed the wonder that is my Airbrush kit, an assortment of questions rush through my head. Who is it? Is she really famous? Shall I eat before I leave?

No idea. No idea. Yes.

Finally get to the hotel, trying to find out the room number, they wanted a surname. I get a text, 'Ferguson'. I repeat in my head, 'Rebecca Ferguson', shrug my shoulders and head towards the revolving doors and decide to simply wait until she arrives. My head ticks, Rebecca Ferguson, Rebecca Ferguson...O.M.G.
L-R. Rebecca, myself

I must admit primarily I was in slight shock, my first celeb! I felt super cool. Muwahaha here's to all the people who doubted I couldn't get anywhere with this job. I don't think I'd ever been proud of myself until that very moment. Ok, well enough about my emotional journey and more about Rebecca...

Rebecca with Airbrush make-up 

When she arrived she had the warmest smile, greeting myself and hair stylist, Angelo, with such love. We got to work straight away, no time to waste. It was an inspiration talking to her about life, ambition, following your dreams, being focused and driven. We were on the same boat, except her life is more awesome than mine.

Probably spent too much time talking, but oh well that's how we girls roll, you can't shut us up. My final words are that she is super-talented, down-to-earth and y'all need to watch out for her album dropping later this year because her voice is off the heezy.


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