Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Airbrush proof; Airbush poof!

Indeed 'poof' is the word because Airbrushing truly does cover up anything and everything. I have clients that regularly ask 'What's the difference between Airbrush make-up and regular make-up?', well here's a just a few comparisons.

Regular make-up; Applied onto the skin with a brush, sponge or fingertips
Airbrush make-up; Gently sprayed onto the skin
Applying make-up with brushes, sponges, and fingertips just means that you're pressing the foundation into your skin. No matter how gentle you are with applying, you are pushing the make-up into your pores, which in return will clog them up causing breakouts. Airbrushing is sprayed on in fine layers that are built up, depending on how much coverage you require. It sits on top of the skin, as opposed to sinking into your skin. I.e.: it doesn't irritate your skin, and won't result in you waking up with a spot!

Regular make-up; Often brush stroke and fingerprint marks can be left after application, the foundation can be uneven
Airbrush make-up; The microdots of foundation always sit evenly on the skin
With HD cameras now used worldwide, every single part of your make-up shows up on camera, so God forbid if that morning before you attend your best friend's wedding you were too tired to blend your foundation, because who ever sees you up close on that HD camera will catch every imperfection. OMG!! Yes, that was probably your response, and I don't blame you! That's where Airbrushing comes into play. It is sprayed out in extremely fine particles, allowing a smoother, more even-toned finish that, once set, looks immaculate up close.

Regular make-up; Quick method, and you see the effect straight away, but you have to continually top it up
Airbrush make-up; Slightly longer method, effect of Airbrush seen after it settles in, however no need to top up and the coverage remains impeccable
With regular foundation, you'll find you're continually looking in the mirror to add make-up to cover up that pimple that just keeps burning through your make-up. It's frustrating, you leave the house looking good and by the time you get to your event you need a top up already! With Airbrushing the coverage and smoothness continues to improve as the day progresses, you'll be looking in the mirror constantly just because it looks that damn good! Patience really is a virtue when it comes Airbrushing. But hey, as a woman, we go through the pain of waxing, threading and all sorts, so a bit of extra time to look even more stunning won't hurt us.

Regular make-up; For full coverage, foundation base can look caked on and will feel heavy
Airbrush make-up; For full coverage, foundation base will still look natural and will feel light
Regular make-up will be compiled of heavy concealing, followed by a full coverage foundation and then set with powder. The end result looks very caked on; you can see the line of the foundation where the jawline and neck meet. For non-make-up junkies, the skin almost feels suffocated as no oxygen is reaching the skin. The process for Airbrushing is similar however the technique involves less concealing, very light layers of Airbrush make-up that are built up, and finally, if requested, dusted with a powder. The result looks more natural and diminishes all imperfections.

That's only a few comparisons, I could go on forever but all in all I love Airbrush make-up and never doubt it's abilities, and here's some proof as to just how much coverage you can get with Airbrushing, whilst still looking natural. This is from one of my brides this year, only the top half of the tattoo is being Airbrushed out:

This is after concealing and 1 layer of Airbrushing.

After 4 layers of Airbrushing has been used. Since first layer of Airbrush, this image is after about 3 and 1/2  hours.

Close-up: Still looks natural, it's smudge-proof and waterproof so didn't even rub off on her dress!

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