Monday, 20 June 2011

School Spirit

Web banner from CCB's homepage: Make-up and Hair on student by Ganga.
Earlier this year I did make-up and hair styling for City College Birmingham; it was a basic studio set up at BCU's Gosta Green Campus, the images were going to be used for advertisements and inside the prospectus. I got to meet a handful of students, who now when I think about it, make me feel so old! School seems like another lifetime ago!

I go back and think, what the hell did I use to wear on my non-uniform days at Sutton Girls? And what was the weird obsession everyone had with gel pens and bendy rulers?

Sixth form at K.E. Rosehill went by even faster. Random bitchy arguments over absolutely nothing, with guaranteed new drama each week. Whether it was sneaking pizza through the school gates or boy problems. There was more drama in my sixth form life than there was in The O.C.!

And I still can't figure out what prompted the outcast group of friends I was in, to sit on a bunch of lockers. Which lead to things I don't want to get into! Good times. It went by too fast and I didn't appreciate it back then.

So if you're still in school, a bit of advice, don't be in a rush to get out and if you end up in the most important drama story in the and laugh about it, because one day you'll go back and actually miss it! Trust me!!

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