Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some mushy, gushy stuff..

Not sure if this blog is for my friends and family, or just some reassurance for myself.

It's always a tough decision choosing between family/friend gatherings and work, but I promised myself to put my career at the for front this year, and I've been sticking to it!

Last week I had a shoot with the amazing Matt Bird and the stunning Jemma, at Adage Models. It collided on the day as one of many Indian pre-wedding ceremonies for my cousin's wedding (our weddings last for at least 1 week!). Now, I had to leave the shoot at a certain time to ensure I was back home to get all sparkled up and blinged out in a sari. But when it came to leaving...I couldn't!

Not because I wasn't allowed, but purely due to the fact that I enjoy my job way too much to stop. However, I can justify why work should, and always must come first at this point in my life:
The cons; 
- I don't get to see friends and family as much as I hope to, so social life is non-existent
- Possibility in less alcohol consumption (not sure if that's a pro or con?!)

The pros;
- I still see friends and family occasionally, and when I do it's always good times and lots of laughs, so I just soak it up while I can
- I love my job!!
- I get to work alongside some amazing photographers, stylists, models and designers
- My bridal clients are awesome and I build great relationships with them
- Photoshoots and music videos are always the highlight of my week, as the people are super cool and it never feels like work because it's so fun
- Whenever I do settle into marriage and all that grown-up stuff, I won't be able to drop everything to do a last minute shoot, so now is the time to grab as much work as I can
- I get to build my portfolio with some kick-ass shots like this:
Make-up and Hair: Ganga. Photographer: Matt Bird. Model: Gemma

So, I can justify putting work first. And this is to my friends and family to say I love you mucho, and I apologize in advance if you rarely see me. But I promise to do all your make-up and hair for free on your weddings...even the boys, because remember...Airbrushing is for guys too!

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  1. Great working with you hun! Hopefully shoot again