Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Roman Originals

I've worked several times for Roman Originals as a hair stylist on photoshoots for their latest and upcoming collections. The clothing is designed for plus size women who want a more relaxed fit. The outfits are designed to be fashionable, comfortable and most of all flattering.

The shoots are always fun as I get to work with an energising and refreshing team; including the striking Laura Coleman at Alan Sharman Models, (Miss England 2008), who has strutted down the catwalk for many designers The photographer is the talented Chris Middlebrook who has his own studio at The Picture Workshop in the heart of Birmingham.

The day is an early start with a quick catch up and then it's straight down to business with the hair styling! There's usually around 100 garments that need to be shot so it's a conveyor belt in the changing rooms. The styling assistants from Roman Originals are always on point, they get the job done but still maintain a fun environment to work in.

I look forward to working with them again in the future, but for the meantime here's a taster of some of their clothing. I put my favourite first because the dress is absolutely gorgeous! The movement of the lightweight mesh creates a very '50s Marilyn Monroe-esque flare, and still looks divine when you're standing upright. Chris has captured Laura in some stunning poses so you can really see the detail in the ribbon strips.

Hair Styling by Ganga. Model: Laura Coleman. Buy the dress at: http://www.romanoriginals.co.uk/invt/80932bla/
Hair Styling by Ganga. Model: Laura Coleman. Buy the dress at: http://www.romanoriginals.co.uk/invt/80932bla

Hair Styling by Ganga

Hair Styling by Ganga.  Buy the dress at: http://www.romanoriginals.co.uk/invt/81067bla/

Hair Styling by Ganga. Model: Laura Coleman. Buy the outfit at: http://www.romanoriginals.co.uk/invt/81201nav/

Not all the links are above as they are currently not online, but be sure to check back on the Roman Originals website soon for the new collections. A huge thanks to Ivan for sending the pictures :)

Until next time... peace and love xx

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