Tuesday, 6 September 2011

I had a very inappropriate starting for this post but I'm not using it in case someone who doesn't know me reads this and thinks I'm quite crude!

It's been quite awhile and there's so much to catch up on, so instead of dragging it out in a long essay, this is my life in bullet point form over the last few months:
  • I've been super busy every single weekend with bridals
  • I can't get no sleep... well I do but it's about 4- 5 hours on average per night
  • Living out of my car from travelling up and down the country has made it look utterly butterly and now needs a good vacuum
  • Worked with the lovely Roman Originals company again, there was some really good-looking cake for lunch and what do I do..drop it all over me...classic Ganga style
  • I was the make-up artist at the Celebration Of The Independents Fashion Show which took place at the Great Western Arcade, Birmingham. I got to work alongside the Benjamin Ryan Hair salon and the stunning models from Adage Models, so there were some familiar faces around for sure
  • Shot with Asiana Magazine for the first time, was a great experience and met some fellow Brummies including designer Ziggi Akhtar and a Michael Jackson fan!
  • Besides that met an awesome girl called Mona who kept me thoroughly entertained during the long days. Was an interesting insight into how men and women think about relationships, life and love! Keep an eye out for the 50 page editorial for Top 25 bachelors and bachelorettes coming out soon
  • Had the fortunate opportunity to do Airbrush make-up on Gemma Merna, who plays Carmel on Hollyoaks. It was for the Lazy Bar Walkers event at the T20 Finals that took place at Edgbaston Cricket Ground
  • I had an amazing assistant up until mid-August, Minnie Virdi I miss you!! At only 16 years old this girl is destined for something great she just doesn't know it yet
  • My sister got engaged.... the food was great!
I better not leave that last point so bland or I'll get a head-bashing from my sister. Speaking truthfully about the day, the cupcakes were so much better!!! And to my sister, sincerely sorry for bursting into tears at the end it was just too emotional but I hope the day was as amazing as you imagined it to be. Bring on the wedding planning...and Vegas baby! And LFW!!!

At the set of Roman Originals photoshoot

Lazy Bar Walkers Event @ Edgbaston Cricket Ground

Bachelor being interviewed by Mona for Asiana photoshoot
The following are from the Celebration Of The Independents Fashion Show, many thanks to Picadilly Opticians for the images

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