Saturday, 17 March 2012

Advice For Brides - Choosing Your Make-up Artist

Previous bride; Airbrush make-up and hair: Ganga Bhambra

With so many make-up artists blossoming from every branch in Britain, brides feel bewildered with who they should choose to make them look amazing on their big day. Do you opt for the big artists who have the branded name, do you go for the smaller artists who are starting out, or do you choose that one with the spray thing?

With so many choices, if you're a bride-to-be you are probably becoming more and more confused with who to choose as your artist and who to have a trial with. My advice is this, have several trials. Many people worry about spending money on trials, but is it not better to try a few different artists before you jump to the first artist and book them without having a comparison. I constantly tell my brides to have a trial with an artist who uses regular make-up, and then come to me, even if they love the regular make-up, to try out the Airbrushing just to see and feel the difference.

What is the harm in spending a little bit extra to ensure you're making the right decision, after all it is your wedding day. Shouldn't everything be exceptionally perfect? Spend the money in the right places, sure enough you want everything look immaculate, and so should you! Think of it as your very own red-carpet event. You have to be the best dressed on the day. You have to have the best make-up on the day. You have to have the best hair style on the day. You should look like a celebrity on your day, and anything less than that just shouldn't be acceptable.

Not only that, but you should feel like a celebrity with a 5 star service from your make-up artist. Invest in a good artist; it's all great for having someone in demand, but you really don't want to risk them arriving late because they were with another client, and you definitely don't want to be rushed through so they can get to their next client!

Besides the hair and make-up techniques, there are so many qualities that an artist should have, here's a few notes on what to look out for in trials:

  • Rapportthe first person you meet on the wedding day from all your services is your hair and make-up artist, so you want someone who you feel comfortable with and can keep you calm on the day
  • Professionalismhave you got a booking form or receipt? You need something in writing to ensure your artist isn't going to run away with your deposit and not turn up on the day
  • Punctuality; turning up late is the next disaster from not turning up at all, establish your timings (this should be the make-up artist's job not yours)
  • Adviceweddings are stressful and it's useful to have someone who will share their suggestions and advice to make life easier for you on the day
  • Versatility; you may have your trial months in advance and may opt for a different look on the day, will they be able to do something different, or are they just two-dimensional
Ok, great you found your artist who has all these it's looking at price. Shop around for quotes, understand you'll find the super low prices, mediocre, high and super high prices. See what's included in the price and what the package contains, it might sound high at first glance, but you might get a lot more for your money. Some artists will do just hair and make-up then charge extra for accessory dressing and veil setting, so find out exactly what you get before the day. 

Weddings are such a pricey event, and money gets thrown around on all sorts of areas - from invites, party favors, to the cake, so here's what I proposed to my sister who's getting married this year...

On the wedding day, the whispers amongst the guests will be 'What will the bride look like?'.

Leading to my final recommendation; make sure you look immaculate so spend your money in this area. You make the outfit look good, not the other way around . You also want people to remember everything about the wedding but would you rather they leave thinking the decor was lovely, or that the bride looked stunning.....?

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