Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Music Mania in the Midlands

I've had the busiest two months in my whole career, shoots, shows, music videos, you name it I'm running around the Midlands with my Airbrush kit spraying every model, dancer and artist I can get my hands on! So I'm breaking the blogs down.

Music...makes the people...come together - Madonna

Music is in the air with a wave of new artists coming straight of out the heart of England. Music videos are always long days but it makes it so much better when you're surrounded by great people and great food! It's one of those jobs where, although I'm working like a maniac, I'm having fun and enjoying every second of it...especially when I get asked to be in the video. 

Yes, that's right, my hands are going to be famous. I was the Airbrush make-up artist and hair stylist for Soni Janjua's debut single 'Saun Rab Di', so see if you can spot me with my guns up in the crowd! Soni Janjua is a new artist so for a quick insight into what type of music he makes, I asked him to describe his style, he quotes 'the vocals and melodies I choose and create tend to be sounding folk and traditional, while the music stays urban'. 

Besides the music and fun, the main thing is that I do my job right, and although I've not seen the video yet, Soni tweeted this to me, true Brummy style;
' thank you for the great job on the video looks wicked your work :) big up ganga make up'

I was also delighted to be working on Rishi Maman's second single, 'Stress'. This song is more of a dance track compared to his debut single, 'Club Scene, which I also worked on. I must say I was singing 'Stress' for quite a few days after the shoot, it's a catchy tune. I'm hoping I get some discount when I buy it, after all I ended up being part of the production team and was in charge of controlling a light..hey, every bit counts!!

It was even better that day as I knew the dancers and the feature model, Sofia; she was the saviour on my last Asiana Wedding shoot as my original model had cancelled, so it was great to see familiar faces on the shoot.

A few extra's dropped by who needed some Airbrushing including Asian music sensation, Jags Kilmax, who's video I also worked on last year, and an upcoming artist from Australia, Ali Romeo.

For now, here's some images from both shoots, keep you updated when the video's are out!

Hey Mr. DJ! Airbrush make-up and hair: Ganga Bhambra. (Feature model on Soni Janjua's music video)
Dancing Machines! Airbrush make-up and hair: Ganga Bhambra. (The dancers on Soni Janjua's music video)
My make-up case also got famous! Airbrush make-up and hair: Ganga Bhambra. (Soni Janjua's music video)
Airbrush make-up and hair: Ganga Bhambra. (Feature model and Soni Jajua) 
After a long days work! (Soni Janjua's music video)
Airbrush make-up and hair: Ganga Bhambra. With the Creative Independent Team (Soni Janjua's music video) 
At work for Soni Janjua's music video
Time for some meditation after dancing around
Put your hands up for Detroit! I mean, errr, Birmingham! (Rishi's music video)
Shooting for Rishi's single 'Stress'. Airbrush make-up and hair: Ganga Bhambra
Rishi and Jags Klimax. Airbrush make-up: Ganga Bhambra. (Rishi Maman's video)  
See guys, you can't even tell they are wearing make-up!Airbrush make-up: Ganga Bhambra. (Rishi Maman's video)  
Iphone camera's are terrible, it makes everyone look like a Simpson, ignore the terrible lighting but look how flawless the finish is! Airbrush make-up and hair: Ganga Bhambra. (Rishi Maman's video) 
Another long day
When Sofia came to my rescue at the Asian Wedding shoot 
Follow the artists on Twitter; @SoniJanjua and @RealRishiMusic

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