Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Voice of an Angel

At the beginning of August I had the very fortunate experience of doing Airbrush Make-up on the inspiring gospel singer, Claudette Schlitter on her first music video for 'Not Been Forsaken'. When Claudette came to my studio for a trial run through we connected straight away with our taste in music, she was influenced by the late and fantastic Whitney Houston and I by Michael Jackson, two legends.

The day of video shoot was blessed with a ray of beaming sunshine, a complete surprise seeing as this Summer has not really existed! I met her husband, Michael, which I got excited about just because, well... Michael, need I say more. I met her manager, also named Michael. And later in the day we found out that the director, Paul from Monster and Sons, was also inspired by Michael Jackson from a young age. The adrenaline I get just from meeting another Michael Jackson fan is indescribable, but I think you get the gist. I knew this was going to be a great day.

While shooting it looked effortless for Claudette, who appears as a natural on camera. She belted out the words from the bottom of her heart and it showed. But it was over so quick, bearing in mind we even stopped for a mere 10.09 seconds to watch the fastest man in the world, no not The Flash, I mean Bolt! After the music video shot was done, the set was redone for an interview with Claudette's about her autobiography, I Am Loved .

Now usually when I'm on set I get so focused into making sure everything is looking perfect, from the make-up, to the styling, and even the background set, but I was so engrossed with what was being said it tapped an emotion in me and made me reflect back into my life and the life of those around me. She touched on some controversial topics, such as bullying, her eating disorder that she overcame, and racial discrimination and abuse. To have a glimpse into her life and to see how far she has come is truly inspirational, I'm definitely picking up a copy for myself.

The single and album will be out shortly, and you can pre-order 'I Am Loved' through the Waterstones website. Here's a quick glimpse of some behind the scenes pictures and the promo video.

Airbrush Make-up: Ganga Bhambra
Hair: Tanya Elaine
Video Production: Monster and Sons

Final touches on Claudette

On set with Claudette and director, Paul from Monster and Sons

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