Friday, 2 November 2012

Gangam Make-up

There once was a girl called Ganga,
Who used to have friends around her.
She worked night and day,
Up until her birthday.

This time she was shocked,
How some 'good friends' had flopped.
Not a message in sight,
It stung like a bite.

Screw it, she said,
Those friendships are dead.
Now twenty-five,
She feels so alive.

Putting work first,
She's got the hunger, the thirst.
Great people she meets,
Through the sound of the beats.

Her job, it rocks,
Now, as Rishi, Metz and Trix say..
Let's have some shots!

So a few weeks ago I got a call from my main man, Rishi Maman; next single is coming out 'Do It Tonight' and a music video to be shot with himself, Stina Sanders and Asian Bhangra talents, MC Metz & MC Trix.
All Airbrushed up and ready to Do It Tonight! L-R: MC Metz, Rishi, Stina and MC Trix
We shot in Pandora's Box in Nottingham, I walked in thinking 'hmmm the amount of times I've been in Nottingham, I don't think I've come here.' Two hours later I had a flashback of buying a drink at the bar, must have been a good night if I can't remember the club!
The decor in Pandora's Box is amazing, it's a shame you can't appreciate it on a night out 
At Pandora's Box I found a wall mounted with obviously  MJ was there as well as Hendrix!
L-R: MC Metz, Stina and MC Trix on set with their Airbrush make-up 
Every time I blog about the music videos I work on I say it was one of the best shoots I've had, copy that and add it was the most I've ever laughed on a shoot. A team full of great personalities will result in the best medicine, especially when I hear 'We need a make-up touch up, Gangam Style'. Thanks to the YouTube hit, I now have Rishi actually telling people he has his make-up done by Gangam!
Touching up Rishi on set, you know #gangamstyle 
#gangamstyle pose, Airbrush make-up and hair by moi 
Airbrush make-up and hair by Ganga. I actually started writing #gangamstyle there, it's so addictive! 
Look out for this track as it's sure to be a hit, I do find myself randomly singing 'I wanna do it tonight', though I probably shouldn't go around vocalising the song too much, it may come off in a different manner.

Rishi's third single 'Do It Tonight' ft Metz and Trixproduced by the sensational DJ Surinder Rattan, who unfortunately couldn't make it to the shoot will be out mid-December 2012 and is available to download from iTunes.

L-R; MC Trix, myself and MC Metz
Sunny creeping into the picture!
Last scene of the day with Stina and Rishi. Check out the Louboutins baby! 
My ass...taken by Sunny..thanks for this!
A few last shout outs I have to do for everyone involved in the video and song for their hard work and dedication; Surinder Singh and Kam Frantic at Creative Independent, Sai Smith, Danny Uppal and Stephan Smith at Ballistics Crew, Sunny Sondh at Triple-S Productions. One to not shout out to is Domino's Pizza who forgot to give us our 10 Garlic and Herb dips we ordered!
Me + Domino's -  Extra Dips = ??  This just makes no sense, how we survived eating 4 large pizza's with only the 4 dips we got for free I have no idea.

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