Sunday, 10 March 2013

Motherly Love

Happy Mother's Day to all you phenomenal women that have been there day and night for your kids regardless of the battles your children throw at you. I have spent the whole day working, not really being able to spend time and showering my Mum with affection.

I think it's difficult to understand how a mother feels and what she goes through when you're not one. I am not a mother, but I appreciate everything my mum has done and think all mum's are amazing and wonderful beings that, no offence to men, no one else can match. 

They endure endless pain, sometimes during and after pregnancy, have an emergency operation straight after giving birth, expect to still attend to, feed and look after inlaws with little to no help when they should be resting. Spend a good 20 years of their married life trying to please everyone with no recognition but continuous bull**** from "family". Go through some serious lows that drive you to question, is it worth it? The answer a mother always tells herself is, 'Yes, the kids'. But the kids are not old enough to appreciate it yet. 

Support from the husband, not really, a lot of Asian marriages were about convenience not love. So no shoulder to lean on. The only way a mother can cope is to act completely crazy, make jokes over everything and smile at all that is thrown in her direction so no one see's the pain.

As time passes, a mother will either hide her obstacles she has overcame from her kids, or bare all to make them understand why she is the way she is. Maybe the kids will understand one day, but kids are kids. They mess up, push the boundaries, don't get why their mum wants and needs to know everything. All kids discuss with their friends, and a communal agreement is made 'Mother's are crazy!' . But as kids get older, and hopefully wiser, the craziness does start to make sense to them.

With a better understanding as to what any mother has to go through in life, the kids can now support the mum to encourage her to be strong minded, not to be phased by negativity from inlaws, her own family and even her kids themselves.

It's time to support the mothers of the world, not for the mothers to support the kids. 

I unfortunately have had no time to spend with my Super Mum due to work today, so I am about to go jump into bed and snuggle up to her soft arms. Yes, she has the softest arms in the world, she doesn't need Cocoa Butter, or to exfoliate, that women possesses the smoothest skin I have known to a human being. I kid you not!

All mother's are great, everyone thinks they have the best mum in the world. And you all do, each mother is amazing in her own way. Mine is the best because this many years on, through everything she's been through she's awesome and still here for me, my brother and sister until the end of time.

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