Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Where did 2013 go?

So I still keep writing dates as '13.

I don't mean to sound like an old fogey, but I am sure the time passed slower when I was in school. Each year just dragged on. But now the weeks, months and year shoots by and somehow I am now closer to 30 than I was to 20. That is just too depressing to hear. Yes, at 26 I suppose I am wiser, I have 'found myself' and finally decided I am now old enough to speak out about things I don't agree with, career and non-career related and unfortunate for those who have to hear it.

So what happened in 2013 that my life was literally too busy to blog....?

I worked my derriere off, I can't remember the summer because I just went from job to job. It also resulted in me buying a lifetime's supply of throat sweets and as I came to understand I just don't stop talking.

My social life was just non-existant.

I was fortunate enough to work for 2 huge international companies including Santander Bank, for their series of Business Banking promo material and a published spread in People Magazine (USA) with educational activist Malala Yousafzai. I also had a ridiculous amount of bridal bookings throughout the year.

And, in December 2013 realised I made absolutely no time for myself to shoot any new material for my portfolios, so I took note and started 2014 with a bang and shot some new bridal material, which I will post about once all the images are completed, as I am yet to finish one shoot left in the series.

Let's hope I can write more this year..even then I am 3 months late in writing this but seriously who reads shiz this anyway besides my mum? Ahh well, I will do my best!

G x

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